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How does this work?

The site allows you to review and submit environmental issues and have Love Rushmoor deal with it, and then let you know how they got on.

How do I sign up?

We don't make you create a new username and password to use this site. Instead you can use any of the following popular systems to sign in with your existing account: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Microsoft Account. If you don't have any account with one of these already then you can get one for free by visiting any of those sites.

Alternatively you can create an account with us

How do I submit a report?

You can submit a report in the following ways:

  • Use this web site. Simply go to the sign in page and add the details. You simply select a location on a map (or type it in), add a picture (if you have one), give us a few details (such as a description) and upload.
  • Using your Smartphone. You can download the free Love Clean Streets app from the App Stores and set Rushmoor District as your 'Home' authority.

How do I review the progress of reports?

You can use this site at any time to search for and find reports and see their current status (including reports you have submitted that have not yet been approved).

In addition you can subscribe to reports using any RSS Reader (such as Microsoft Outlook) and be notified when new reports are posted or changed.


For support please visit our support site