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How Love Rushmoor works

Love Rushmoor allows you to report environmental issues to Rushmoor Borough Council and to track how we are dealing with them. You can also use the website to review reports that you make using the Love Rushmoor app.

Love Rushmoor is part of the Love Clean Streets network.

How to sign up to Love Rushmoor

Simply create an account with us.


You'll find more details on the app on our main website, You may also find support on the Love Clean Streets support site.

How to submit a report to Love Rushmoor

You can submit a report in the following ways: Using this website. Simply go to the Add Report page, log in and add the details. You can also submit a report without having an account. Select a location on a map (or type it in), add a picture (if you have one), give us a few details (such as a description) and upload.

Using your Smartphone. You can download the free Love Clean Streets app from the App Stores and set Rushmoor as your 'Home' authority.