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Near 52 Manor Rd, Farnborough GU14 7HL, UK

Rushmoor Borough - Knellwood Ward


can you please stop cars that belong to the houses in the picture from parking continuosly on our council owned greens. they use it for their extended car purchases and as a car park. they do this all the time and grass has been worn down to soil. we have lived her 45 years and we have never seen them look so bad. grass cutters cannot cut them and it looks terrible.please can you look at this problem. there is a problem on canterbury road also. thank you


Reported 15/05/2019 12:35
Visible to public Yes
Category Leaf build-up
Status Closed On 15/05/2019
Completed Yes
Job Code 1366277

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15/05/2019 14:53 Please in future only report enquires under the correct categories listed in the app. For all other enquires please email

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