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Near 15 Prince Charles Cres, Farnborough GU14 8DH, UK

Rushmoor Borough - Empress Ward


the grass is always far to long on this area of the road just opposite the shell garage. in fact the whole road is looking particularly awful. it seems when you do actually have people on it they are so slow and look like they are just having a laugh


Reported 11/06/2019 10:58
Visible to public Yes
Category Leaf build-up
Status In Progress
Completed No
Job Code 1390147

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11/06/2019 11:25 This has been reported to our grounds maintenance officer.
12/06/2019 16:15 The verges and roundabout are now done. The central reservation requires traffic management in place, so this will be done shortly.

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20/06/2019 This has been reported to our contractors.
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